8Jx18 Alutec Ikenu unfit for Bridgestone 225/40 R18 tyres

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    • 8Jx18 Alutec Ikenu unfit for Bridgestone 225/40 R18 tyres

      Hi Astraers,

      I stumbled upon this great forum and decided to join, even though I'm from Slovakia. Sorry for English language, my German is not good :)

      My name is Stan and I'm a happy owner of Astra K 1.6T for already 4 years, with mileage of over 105 tkm.

      Recently I bought a new summer tyre set: wheels are Alutec Ikenu 8Jx18 from a German e-shop and tyres are Bridgestone Turanza T005 225/40 R18.

      However, to my surprise, in the garage I realized the tyres don't fit nicely on the wheel, see the enclosed pictures. The tyres are narrower, half a centimeter is missing from each side.

      I saw several Astras here on this forum with 8Jx18 wide wheels and with 225/40 tyres that fit nicely on the wheels. What have I done wrong? Is it because my tyres have no wheel protection (no MFS - Mit Felgen Schutz)? The ones with MFS would fit nicely? Or do I need a special type of the tyre?

      Thanks for help & cheers.

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    • Yes, I thought, too, that the tyres would just stretch more and nicely embrace the entire rim.
      And yes there was already air in them, at least that's what the workers in the garage told me when I asked.
      I think this kind of exposure of the rim is a liiiittle bit beyond the aesthetic limits :)

      So far it appears to me that the rim protection feature is what makes the tyre fit better on these rims, but I'm not sure...

    • this is how the Bridgestone look like on the 18" stock rims.


      and like this with my Nokian 4-season tyres I have now on the car:


      So it looks very similar to me.

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    • @Karle Yours are stock rims. Their size is 7.5Jx18", so they are half an inch narrower, which would make my no-rim-protection Bridgestones fit just nicely ;) I wanted to buy the the rims you have from Opel, but they are just waaayy too expensive :S ca 330 EUR per one. But they look really nice to me :thumbup:

      I guess I just have to get the tyres with rim protection on my 8Jx18" rims...